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CNC Machines and Their Applications


The manufacturing industry has never been the same again after the introduction of CNC machines or Computer Numeric Control machines which are used in various industries more importantly the aerospace industry. Not only does aerospace CNC usage exist but these CNC machines are used internationally from small manufacturing plants to companies that are known all over the world. CNC machines are used in different application in all kinds of industries available because of its ability to create components that meet requirements such as those needed in the aerospace application. These CNC machines are utilized because of its ability to create components that are complex in size and shape and still achieve the required accuracy, precision and speed. Despite all these, the main reason why CNC machines are preferred by many industries is because of the lower production cost helping the whole manufacturing process grow.

Here are some of the most common industries where CNC machining is used:

  • Applications where metal removal is required. Many industries have operations that require removing excess metal from work pieces resulting in the need for CNC machines. The CNC machines are employed to remove any unwanted metal from the original material and then proceeds to create components with complex shapes to be used in aerospace and other industries. In the case of the automotive industry, there are various complex parts such as shafts and gears that require the use of CNC machines. The manufacturing industry is also making use of these CNC machines because it is able to do threaded jobs and make various shapes from raw materials such as rounded, square and rectangular. CNC machines are also able to do various processes including boring, milling, reaming, grinding and turning which are all accomplished by computers alone without human intervention.
  • Metal fabrication. There are industries that demand thin plates to be used in various applications. Almost all of the metal fabrication businesses employ CNC machining because it can perform various operations like welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, shearing and forming in order to produce metal plates. The CNC machining that uses plasma is ideal for shaping the metal material. The CNC turret, on the other hand, is ideal for punching holes. CNC press brakes are meant for bending metal plates because of its high level of precision.
  • Machining applications that use electrical discharge. EDMs or Electrical Discharge Machines are designed to remove excess metal from the raw material through the electrical sparks produced which then burns the unwanted metal from the work piece. EDM machines are more efficient because of CNC and are done in two different methods – wire EDM and vertical EDM. The wire EDM with CNC automation is used in fabrication industries where it has to punch and produce die sets and combinations of die. The vertical EDM with CNC automation is used in carving out cavities but must have the same electrode corresponding to the size and shape of the cavity.

When it comes to aerospace CNC machines it is the right component for the job but there are many types of CNC machines and each one is ideal for specific application depending on the required finished components.

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