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About Medical CNC and CNC Machining


Computer Numerical Control machines or more widely known as CNC machines. They are automated equipment that operates under the control of computers in order to be used in various industrial applications, such as medical CNC and aerospace technology without the need for a human operator. Medical CNC applications are required to be accurate and precise because of the uses of the manufactured components. CNC machines are typically programmed thus following a set of steps in order to achieve precision. The application with these machines are used not only through medical CNC and aerospace CNC but is also employed in manufacturing industries such as mining, metal fabrication and automobile industry.

CNC machining in various parts of the world is becoming more popular and continues to develop because of the major breakthroughs in technology. Within the few decades since its conception, it has become more advanced and serves more industries in the process. There are various types of CNC machines that are employed in different industries nowadays depending on the application as well as the requirement expected from the machine. Manufacturing industries requires components to be made precisely with the highest level of accuracy thus the preference to use CNC machines. Here are some of the most common types of CNC machine used in the manufacturing industry:

  • CNC Milling Machines. Of all the CNC machines in the world, the most popular and more commonly used is the CNC milling machine. The most basic operation that this machine does is drilling and turning materials that are made of various kinds of metals. The CNC milling machines have cutters that are programmed to cut as well as other tools that are also programmed to perform different types of cuts in different metal pieces in order to achieve the final shape and size required for the component. CNC milling machines are also divided into various classifications based on the number of axes that is present on the machine.
  • CNC Lathe Machines. CNC lathe machine are becoming more popular than the traditional lathe machine because it is more accurate, precise, and easy to use and can create exact copies many times over. In simple definition, CNC lathe machines are just automated variation of the manual ones. The tools to be used are changed automatically depending on the pre-set programming on the machine’s computer. This is commonly used when three dimensional shapes are required and it can mold different materials such as wood, plastic and metal.
  • CNC Routers. If the component’s shape is complex then the CNC routers are used to create prototypes using materials such as metal sheets, plastic and wood. There are different types of routers but the most widely used is the 3-axis machine.
  • CNC Plasma Cutters. Almost identical in operation with CNC routers but the set-up is not as powerful. 2D shapes are created from metals with the use of plasma.
  • CNC Machines with Electrical Discharge. Electricity is used in cutting different metals into the desired shape. The electrical sparks work by burning away the excess metal material.



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